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Clay Miles
Life Group Pastor

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Scott Kennedy
Pastor of Student Ministry

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Scott received an MA in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary, an MA in Counseling from Liberty University Graduate School of Theology, and a BA in Bible and Youth Ministry from Baptist Bible College.

Caleb Cameron
Minister of Worship

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Caleb is a Texas boy born and raised! He is a passionate singer-songwriter who has deep roots throughout the Greater Houston music community. Caleb studied music at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and has been leading worship for over 15 years.

Don Currans
Biblical Counseling Director

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Ron Pruet
Finance & Administration Director

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Kara Fields
Nursery Director

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Alaina Maldonado
Mother’s Day Out Director

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Pam Mitchell
Pastoral Assistant

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Marianne Blackshear
Ministry Coordinator

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Our Elders (currently serving “On Session”)

Jay Campbell, Moderator of Session
Greg Frazier
Clay Miles
Scott Schroer
Shawn Smith
Alex Chae
Rod Jimenez
Email our Session Elders: [email protected]