Make an Impact

Together we can transform our community

Most people want to make a difference, but don’t know how. Through our impact partnerships, we make it simple for you to care for your community.

Our community impact partners.

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Restoring and transforming the lives of families in the Third Ward Serve with us
Outreach to Chinese students and visitors in the Houston area Serve with us
Support events for people living in Houston apartment complexes Serve with us
Reaching and caring for international college students in Houston Serve with us
Free medical clinic and counseling to Hispanic families in Houston Serve with us
Outreach ministry to graduate students and faculty at Rice University Serve with us
Family and life skills training for parents, teens and children in Third Ward Serve with us
Rescue and rehabilitation of sex trafficking victims in Houston Serve with us
Providing practical training to those in unplanned pregnancy situations Serve with us
Supporting teachers and families of local grade schools in our community Serve with us
Providing Bible correspondence courses to prisoners in Texas Serve with us
Rehabilitation ranch outside of Houston for at-risk teen boys Serve with us

Change Your World

Transform lives through missions

We partner with exceptional organizations we call Global Impact Partners to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of at-risk families and children around the world.

Our global impact partners.

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Wycliffe Translators Serve with us


Youth For Christ Serve with us


Center For Mission Mobility Serve with us


Commission to Every Nation Serve with us


Pure3Partners Serve with us


World Venture Serve with us


Cru Ministries Serve with us


Entrust Ministries Serve with us

South Africa

Leading Edge Christian Ministries Serve with us


Equipping The Saints Serve with us

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