Terms of Counseling and Commitments Agreement for non-Bethel Affiliated Persons

Terms of Counseling

There are several expectations which require commitment from non-Bethel members, which we are asking you to consider before requesting our counseling care. Bethel counselors require the commitments (detailed below) for all counseling provided. After you have considered the requirements below and are prepared to commit to them, you can request counseling through a web link which will be provided by the Counseling Director. Please also note that while we are eager to provide counseling to those in need, there may be a waiting period before counseling begins as the need is great and we have a limited number of counselors.

Ministry Costs and Other Charges

Donations: Bethel Church does not charge a fee for counseling sessions. However, there are costs involved in maintaining this ministry, and counselees who are able and willing to express their thanks and help to maintain the ministry are invited to make a donation to Counseling Ministry.

Resource Charge: During the counseling process, homework assignments will require the use of resources, such as books or pamphlets. These materials have an associated cost which the counselee is expected to reimburse. For everyone’s convenience this is typically a one-time resource charge.  The resource charge is assessed on the following basis:
     • Bethel Members: no charge
     • Bethel Regular Attenders:  $25
     • Non-Bethel Affiliated: $50
This charge is expected to be paid prior to the beginning of counseling, which can be paid by online, check, or cash. The cost associated with each resource will be deducted from the resource charge.

Late Cancellation Charge: Counselees are expected to attend each scheduled appointment, however if the counselee finds it necessary to cancel a counseling session, he should do so either by text, telephone or e-mail to the counselor as soon as possible to avoid the late cancellation charge being invoked. In this regard a $25 late cancellation charge will be assessed for a “no-show” or late cancellation. Provided appointments are cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time, this charge will not be assessed. Emergency situations will be excluded from this charge.

Counselee Commitments

  1. You may have extenuating circumstances that do not allow for you to make some of the commitments listed below; please explain in the “Comments” area.
  2. I commit to attending the Bethel Church Sunday Worship Gathering at 10:00am for the time I am under the care of the Bethel Counseling Ministry.
  3. I commit to be at all counseling sessions on time and to bring my Bible (book or electronic), as well as something to take notes on.
  4. I commit to letting the counselor know a day in advance if I cannot make an appointment due to a non-emergency conflict.
  5. I commit to doing the homework assigned, and if it is not completed, I will inform my counselor a day ahead of time in order to possibly reschedule.
  6. I commit to paying for any additional materials that may be required.
  7. I commit to giving notice before terminating counseling.
    (note: you have the right to terminate counseling at any time).
  8. I commit to allowing a counselor-in-training to observe my counseling sessions.

For Counselees Who Are Members Of Another Church

  1. I commit to keeping my home church Senior Pastor or Shepherding Elder advised that I am continuing to receive counseling care from Bethel Church and summarize the progress that is being made.
  2. I commit to making every effort to bring an advocate from my church to every counseling session. I understand the purpose of this is so they will walk the counseling path with me, and be able to provide discipleship and accountability.

Bethel Counselor Commitments

  1. The counselor commits to pray and prepare for your counseling sessions.
  2. The counselor commits to give care in every faithful way the Scripture allows.
  3. The counselor commits to notify you if an emergency arises and he/she cannot make the appointment.
  4. The counselor commits to take this meeting time, your life and all related issues very seriously.
  5. The counselor has the right to terminate counseling if there are repeated cancellations, repeated failures to complete homework assignments, or if there is a general lack of initiative or willingness to make progress.
  6. The counselor commits to a biblically limited confidentiality.
  7. The counselor commits to use sessions as a training ground for other observing counselors.
  8. NOTE: Based upon your circumstances you may have concerns with these commitments.  Press the “I Accept the above terms”  button and use the next page to explain this.