Who We Are

Our Mission

Bethel Church is a family of believers committed to making disciples of Jesus who glorify God in all of life.

Our Strategy

Help people to connect with Christ and his church, grow in their walk with Christ, serve using their gifts and passions and multiply themselves spiritually in the lives of others.

connect grow serve multiply

Our Core Values

Recognizing our absolute dependence upon the Holy Spirit, we prayerfully embrace these essential core values:

We care about God and His glory... therefore:

  • weekly, we gather corporately to worship our great God
  • daily, we seek individually to reflect His great glory

We care about The Bible and its authority... therefore:

  • we preach expositionally, systematically delving into its rich, inerrant truths
  • we instruct appropriately, allowing the Word to transform children, students, men and women
  • we lead Biblically, encouraging men to sacrificially love and lead their families and our Church
  • we seek daily to have our minds renewed by Scripture's truths, applying them in all our relationships and responsibilities

We care about the Gospel and its power... therefore:

  • we support a world-wide outreach effort, sharing the good news that God loves us through His Son's death and resurrection, saving all who acknowledge their sins and turn to Him in faith
  • we endeavor to equip for impact in our own community, seeking to creatively communicate God's truth and grace with not-yet-believers

We care about people and their needs... therefore:

  • we strive to love one another and all within our reach
  • we strive to welcome newcomers to Bethel
  • we strive to equip our people for compassionate service to others
  • we strive to assist those in our midst in crisis
  • we strive to counsel Biblically those who are in need
  • we strive to train our people to be excellent stewards
  • we strive to encourage each other to actively engage in relational ministry with one another, including home fellowships, small groups, and Bible studies

Contact Information

Address: 825 Bering Drive, Houston, TX 77057 [map]
 Tel: 713.782.8948
 Email: info@bethelofhouston.com

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