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beta sigma ministries student ministryIt is said that it “takes a village to raise a child”. In student ministry, that could not be more true. Looking at the scriptures, we see that God has given every student two pivotal voices to influence their walk with God:

  • The first is parents. Statistically, of all the influential voices a student receives in one week, 78% of that influence is from their parents. This is more influence than:
    • Teachers
    • Netflix
    • Friends
    • And even youth leaders
    Though parents donʼt always feel very influential during the teen years, we know for a fact, that parents are crucial to a strong faith in a student. Essentially: Whatever they see the parent do (or donʼt do), they will do (or not do).
  • The second influence God gives students is the church. The church is not there to replace the parents, but aid the parents in raising their students with a strong faith. During these years, teens are seeking other voices to affirm or dispute the voices they have been raised with. That is why our student ministry seeks to have leaders that are not just relevant and informed voices for students to listen to, but spiritually and theologically balanced voices as well.

In our experience, when parents and leaders work together for the benefit of a studentʼs faith, that student will thrive.

Seminars, Classes & Counseling for Parents (and Students)

Every car needs a tune up to run well. We believe families do to. So Beta Sig student ministries, in partnership with Bethel Church Adult ministries, regularly offers our parents seminars, classes, and training throughout the year to help parents stay informed and encouraged about being a parent. We also have year round biblical counseling services available at the church.



Beta Sig is not a student ministry done in the dark. The more you know the better, so we want you to be a part of it. If you would like to meet with us to ask questions, learn how you can help or just to get encouragement (because we think you are AWESOME!), donʼt hesitate to ask.

You can also serve with us in “parent safe” environments to help us out and see what weʼre all about. Here are some common ways that parents have helped us:

  • Bring/Serve Sunday Morning Breakfast for our teens;
  • Be a host home for one of our many off campus gatherings;
  • Be a driver for an event, outreach or local missions;
  • Be a leader (yes, we even let parents lead with us) - space is very limited

Want to talk or serve or both?



Great adult leadership in student ministry is the most critical piece of what we build. One person canʼt lead an army. In youth ministry, it is no different. The more balanced, mature and unique voices available to speak into a studentʼs life, the more likely they will be able to see themselves as a Christian beyond high school.

We have high standards for our leaders, but previous experience is not necessary to work with us. If you have a burn for seeing teens become passionate Christians, then we would love to talk with you.

Interested? Here are some first steps:

  1. Email Jake to book a time to meet with us.
  2. Click to download our Leadership Info Packet.

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