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Bethel Biblical Counseling (BBC)

Bethel Biblical Counseling is a Christ-centered ministry of care and hope whose foundation rests on the authority of the Word of God as being sufficient for every area of life. This ministry has as its primary goal to bring glory to God as Scriptures are ministered to hurting people who seek God honoring change in their lives. We believe that positive change is possible in the life of any Christian through the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells within.


Counseling to Individual/Couple/Family sessions are primary services provided.

Pre-marital and pre-engagement counseling is reserved for Bethel Church members/attenders. If for some reason you're unable to obtain pre-marital counseling at your home church, we can suggest a few alternatives for you that may be suitable for your schedule:

Counseling Staff

judy sims biblical-counselor biblical-counseling counselor lpc licensed professional counselor houston texas txJudy Sims, LPC/S - Texas

Bethel Biblical Counselor

bren-berger, nanc, biblical-counselor houston, biblical-counseling-houston, christian-counselor-houston, christian-counseling-houstonBren Berger, MABC

Bethel Biblical Counselor

Kim Woodring

Bethel Biblical Counselor

melissa-johnson, bethel-biblical-counselor, biblical-counselor, nanc-certified, nanc-counselor, houston, houston-texas, houston-txMelissa Johnson, BSBC

Bethel Biblical Counselor

don currans biblical-counselor biblical-counseling counselor nanc houstonDon Currans, ACBC

Bethel Biblical Counselor

nancy mundt biblical-counselor biblical-counseling counselor nanc houstonNancy Mundt, ACBC

Bethel Biblical Counselor

Counseling Blog

  • A Blissful Marriage

    “You may now kiss your bride!” These six electrifying words are the beginning of what the bride and groom believe will be their journey to marital bliss. They have married the person they believe will make their life complete, full of joy, and happiness. They are set to become one another’s everything, but their expectation of marital bliss is getting ready to run up against the reality of the fallen world described in Genesis 3...

  • Victim Identity for Christians?

    One human condition we can all identify with is suffering, which at times, can be caused by offense against an innocent person. Such situations are commonly referred to as victimization. Sometimes victimization can render a changed way of thinking (that is, a new identity) within the victim. When this happens, the victim’s thoughts, emotions, choices and actions begin to reflect this new identity, usually detrimentally. This brings to question then: are God’s people permitted to abide in a life dominated by a victim identity?

  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    the pursuit of happiness

    You’ll have to admit that sometimes you’re happy, and sometimes you’re not. One thing you should know about yourself is your state of happiness is dependent upon your interpretation of circumstances that intersect your life. Which means based on circumstances , your “happiness meter” will register some degree of happiness or unhappiness according to the way you judge things should be going. In many respects this thinking is a snare, trapping you in a fleeting world of happenstances and selfish judgments. This often leads to emotional an response where you might even question if God truly values you more than sparrows (Matthew 10.31)...

  • A Call for Biblical Counselors

    Bethel Biblical Counseling is a ministry of care and hope driven by the foundation and authority of the Word of God in every area of life.

    BBC keeps a consistent waiting list and is looking to recruit/train biblical counselors for ministry at Bethel. For more info, contact Don Currans, Biblical Counseling Director, at

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From the Director

don currans biblical-counselor biblical-counseling counselor nanc houstonHere is a common situation for most people: they are doing just fine in many parts of their life while at the same time struggling in another. We understand that there are times in life when people just need a helping hand to bring clarity to a problem area that is not making sense. People in situations like this find it helpful for someone to come alongside, to be an encourager and show a way forward through hope found in the Bible. That is what we do at Bethel Biblical Counseling (BBC).

Foundational to BBC services is that people need to know God's wisdom principles and apply them in life. Our counselors work on the basis that God's wisdom is always needed in the counseling process, and that in His Word we find all we need concerning the issues of life and living-out a godly life. As such, it is the goal of BBC to bring glory to God through the application of Scriptures to hurting people in need of change; not just any change, but change that produces Christ-likeness. By speaking the truth in love to genuine life issues, we help people see how the Scriptures lead the way through this hope-filled change process which also addresses the problem they want to work through.

Don Currans
Biblical Counseling Director

Bethel Biblical Counseling

Office Hours/Appointments

All sessions are by appointment only; evening sessions are available on a limited basis. You can schedule an appointment by calling 713.782.8948.

Click here to make an appointment. When you have filled out and submitted the online form, our office will contact you within 48 hours.


Biblical counseling is offered free-of-charge and provides a private and safe place for you to receive care and hope.