Class Descriptions

Toddlers (9 months – 14 months)

Our large, bright room is filled with developmentally appropriate toys, climbing equipment, books and a playhouse. The children enjoy music, a simple Bible story, crafts, and lots of opportunities to learn through play. The student/teacher ratio in the classroom is 4:1.

Young 1’s (15 months – 18 months)

This class is an extension of the Toddler Class. We begin the class with a Bible story and accompany the lesson with a simple craft that reinforces the lesson. The children enjoy lots of playtime with age appropriate toys and music.

Old 1’s (19 months – 23 months)

This busy class is filled with many learning opportunities in addition to playing. The children sit at a low table for crafts, lunch and table activities. Nap time is on mats. Bible story, crafts, music and lots of TLC make the day a fun experience. The student/teacher ratio in this classroom is 5:1.

2 Year Olds

The 2’s classes begin to learn more about God, His creation, and heroes throughout the Bible. The crafts reflect the older toddler’s increased fine motor skills. Group participation and interaction are stressed in the story time, music, and playtime. The children enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast, holiday parties and birthday celebrations. The student/teacher ratio in these classes are 6:1.

3 Year Olds

The curriculum for the 3 year old students centers around their eagerness to learn and their increased ability to listen and follow directions. The character of God is the theme of one Bible unit. Words like “omniscient” and “eternal” are examples of words we teach during this time in their development. Each is related to a familiar Bible story. Crafts become more detailed as the student’s fine motor skills develop. The teachers begin to encourage responsibility with assigned helper jobs. Monthly themes are planned with fun dress-up days, rodeo day, snow day, and a splash day to end the school year. The student/teacher ratio in these classes are 7:1. Children must be potty trained to enter the class in September.

4 Year Olds

The 4’s class is a wonderful alternative to preschool. The Bible curriculum expands on the character of God, a Biblical timeline, prayer, and a special focus on Christmas and Easter. Memory verses and songs reinforce the valuable Biblical principles. Monthly themes such as Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, rodeo and critters provide enrichment activities for the students. Cooking, science experiments and other hands-on activities add unique experiences weekly. A letter of alphabet is highlighted each week, as well. Children bring alphabet “show n’tell” items. Letter recognition games, activities, color sheets and ABC songs are ways we introduce pre-reading skills. Responsibility in the classroom is taught by assigned jobs, individual centers and activities that require group participation. The student/teacher ratio in these classrooms is 7:1.

Meet Our Director

Paula Dominguez

paula-dominguez mothers-day-out houston

Paula has been involved with Bethel for 15+ years. She holds a Bachelor’s in Theology and has a passion and love to see children’s hearts awakened to the power of the gospel. She has worked with children for over 18 years in both church and educational environments. Her previous work experiences include:

If you wish to contact her, you can reach her at the information below:
 p. 713.782.8948 x221
 e. [email protected]

Packing for MDO 101

We are glad to have you with us this year. We are off to a great start with a wonderful staff. They are ladies who love the Lord and love children. We are excited to be apart of Bethel’s Mother’s Day Out program and look forward to a great year with all of you!

Thank you for your attention to the following details:

  1. Please do not bring your child before 9:30 am. We are preparing for the day. When the children arrive at 9:30, we want to be prepared and ready for them.
  2. When you sign your child in, please leave an EMERGENCY NUMBER WHERE SOMEONE CAN BE REACHED. If you can’t be reached, leave the number for your husband’s office, a grandparent, or a friend.
  3. If you will NOT be picking up your child, please let your teacher know, in writing, who will be picking up your child.
  4. Anyone not listed on your emergency form will not be allowed to pick up your child. Please feel free to list more than 3 people if you need to. The teachers will be checking the list and asking for identification if someone other than you is picking up your child.
  5. Please note that our day ends at 2:30 pm. There is a $1.00 per minute late fee after that time. This fee is paid directly to the teacher. If you have several children to pick up, please arrive early enough so that all your children are checked out by 2:30 pm.
  6. Moms, PLEASE, do not enter the room as you drop off/pickup your child. Mothers who enter the room cause much confusion for the children. The teachers request that you hug and kiss outside the classroom door and then send your child into the room.
  7. Be sure your child’s name is on EVERYTHING. Of course, blankets and stuffed animals are allowed (and sometimes necessary ;-), but ask that you DO NOT send other toys as they can easily be lost or broken.