Your Heart Determines What You Speak

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Your Heart Determines What You Speak

In the last message, we said that healthy, growing relationships are in a great part dependent upon love-filled language that edifies and builds-up. The means of transmitting that language is through this powerful little thing called the tongue.  And through that very same tongue we may bless and we may curse.

But it turns out the tongue has no intelligence in itself, rather it is merely an instrument of something deeper... the heart of man.  Jesus put it very simply: for whatever is in your heart determines what the tongue speaks. All of us find this to be a devastating indictment because who has not said something that we wanted to have taken back?

We may make excuses such as: “I don’t know where that came from” or perhaps “you really know how to push my buttons”, but those rationalizations just won’t do.  The real problem lies deep within the heart which Jeremiah describes as deceitful and beyond understanding. Hence, the proverbial admonition to “guard your heart with all vigilance.” Deceitful and contradictory outcomes cannot be the foundation upon which loving and predictable relationships are built.

You must intentionally protect what enters into your heart so that from the overflow of it you may fulfill the great commands to “love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself”. Otherwise, the double-mindedness of blessing and cursing will likely characterize your speech.

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