Vali & Melynda Lupu

Vali & Melynda Lupu (Cru)

Vali and Melynda reach out to the Romanian military with God’s love and forgiveness in Bucharest, ROMANIA. They desire that every soldier will have an opportunity to know Jesus before going into harm’s way.

Vali’s unprecedented access to the Army Academy allows him the opportunity to be among cadets, military instructors and officers to share God’s love and forgiveness. God has provided a team of key cadets who are willing to be responsible for and more active in reaching their colleagues with the Gospel.

God’s faithfulness is seen through these cadets who placed their faith in God a few years ago. As officers they continue to grow in their faith. As they marry and begin families, Vali and Melynda have opportunities to minister to their wives and children.


  • Pray for Sarah's transition to living in the U.S. and beginning school at Boston University.
  • Pray for a good start to the new school year with good interaction with the freshmen at the Army Academy in Romania.
  • Pray for the dates, logistics and good communication in planning a trip to West Point for the Romanian General who is the Superintendent at the Romanian Army Academy.

Giving Agency

Lupu's Account #: 0567004


Anniversary: June 7


  • Vali: 6/14
  • Melynda: 9/29
  • Sarah: 5/8/98
  • Andrew: 8/28/01

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