Tuvya & Ellen Zaretsky

Tuvya & Ellen Zaretsky (Jews for Jesus)

jews for jesusTuvya and Ellen Zaretsky serve with Jews for Jesus based in Southern California. 

Tuvya’s current ministry focus is training the global staff and specialized outreach to Jewish-Gentile couples. He is also in volunteer leadership with the international Lausanne Movement as Senior Associate for Jewish Evangelism. 

Since 1999, Tuvya has worked as president for the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism international coordinating committee. 

Tuvya and Ellen were posted to the JfJ Tel Aviv branch during the first half of 2013. He continues to serve as an advisor to their Israel branch leadership. 

Tuvya attended international conferences for Lausanne in India and Korea during 2013. In 2014 he will write more resource materials for Christian ministry to Jewish-Gentile couples. He is developing multi-media resources for training seminars to help Christians in cross-cultural ministry. 

Since 1974, Bethel has partnered with Tuvya in reaching Jews for Jesus. 

Giving Agency

Zaretsky's Account #: 1015


Anniversary: October 23, 1980


  • Tuvya: 4/14
  • Ellen: 3/8
  • Children: Jesse, Abbie Silva, & Kaile

Contact Information

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 Tel: 713.782.8948
 Email: info@bethelofhouston.com

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