Trae & Melissa Vacek

Trae and Melissa Vacek (Bridges International [Cru])

bridges internationalTrae and Melissa Vacek provide national leadership to Bridges International. As the Executive Director, Trae serves the 250+ staff of Bridges International across America.

Each year, thousands of students from around the world come to the United States to attend universities. These 1 million+ students are from the top academic, economic and social levels in their countries. They have come in pursuit of the“American dream,” but what they really need is Jesus Christ. This vast mission field is at our doorstep. We don’t have to go to them because they are coming to us.

Bridges' overall goal is that each international student in the United States will have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel, and those who believe will be built up in their faith. It is a fact that every graduate will go somewhere carrying a message. We must ask ourselves: “Where will they go?” and “What message will they take with them?”

Bridges specific goals are to mobilize co-laborers to reach out to this strategic audience and to establish a ministry presence on the top 200 campuses across America. Please pray that we will walk intimately with Christ and grow in wisdom as we seek to accomplish these goals. Pray that international students will be impacted by the Gospel and used by God to transform the world!

Giving Agency

Vacek's Account #: 0497424


Anniversary: December 21, 1996


  • Trae: 4/16
  • Melissa: 6/5
  • Mikayla: 10/1/00
  • Mariah: 2/28/02
  • Miriam: 9/21/04
  • Ty Micah: 3/8/08

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