A Sunday Evening Worship Experience (6:30 pm)

Every Sunday evening at 6:30 pm, Bethel offers a place are meeting and worship and fellowship. "The Gathering" is really not about this meeting, but rather about launching you out into the world. Our goal is not to fill this room but rather to fill Houston with gospel-drenched missionaries who bring tangible Kingdom realities to our beautiful broken city.

Houston is now the 3rd largest city in America with over 6 million people in the region. We are also the 1st most ethnically diverse city in America. Jesus was all about preaching and bringing the Kingdom of God to his world. Likewise, we are going to call you and empower you to bring that same Kingdom to your city.

The Church is called to gather together but also to scatter into the world. Tourists can sit and soak, and seekers and come and find truth; but ultimately we are going to lead you out of your seat and onto the street.

Getting Connected

Bethel is all about community - we believe a Christian is not meant to be a lone ranger, but rather an individual connected to others through missional community for a good cause and service. Below is a description of community groups we'd hope you'd connect with weekly for confession of sin, encouragement and admonishment, bible study and service together.

Community Groups

Inner Loop
Where: Inner Loop
When: Tuesdays weekly (7-9 pm)
Leader: Joe Patz
Host: Joe Patz [map]

Spring Branch
Where: Spring Branch
When: Tuesdays weekly (7-9 pm)
Leader: Zach Schwartzbeck
Host: Zach Schwartzbeck [map]

Where: Memorial
When: Wednesdays weekly (6:30 - 8:30 pm)
Leader: Ron Pruet
Co-Leader: Vacant
Host: Ron & Sarah Pruet [map]

Where: SW Houston
When: Thursdays weekly (7-10 pm)
Leader: Michael Maresh
Hosts: Michael & Heather Maresh [map]

The Gathering