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What is Middle School Ministry All About?

beta sigma ministries student ministryMiddle School students are eagerly trying to figure out “who they are” and “how they fit in” to the world they are a part of. Some days they still want to be a kid, some days they want to be an adult, most days itʼs both. Nothing fits right, everything feels awkward and there will never be a time where they feel more pressure to know who they are.

Our goal is to help every middle school student discover that their value is found in the image of the one and only God, who created them with care. We want them not just to fit in with their peers, but to inspire others around them to live for something more than what they see today. The push to conform is strong, but over decades of youth ministry, we have found that middle school students will rise above peer pressure and thrive if they are actively, consistently involved in three key environments designed to build a strong foundation for life.

beta sigma student ministry environmentThree Environments

Sunday Mornings, 9:30 - 10:30 am in the Student Center

This is a place where our Middle School students gather for a relevant message, worship, and interactive activities. We deliberately keep this time high energy, fun and engaging, so this is a place of encouragement for our current students and a welcoming introduction to Christian life for new students.


Wednesday Nights, 7 - 8:30 pm in the Student Center

This is where our students get a chance to wrestle with what God says about their lives (using the Bible), ask questions and get real answers. These small group communities are deliberately small (10-15 people total per group), so that:

  • Every student has a voice;
  • Students can develop close friendships with others;
  • Leaders can speak into the lives of students.

Sunday mornings, 10:30 - Noon at Bethel Church

Learning key issues of the faith and wrestling with how to live it out are both necessary for students to have a strong foundation for a solid faith. But without serving others regularly, not only do we miss how that knowledge connects with others, but a key piece of our Christian identity is never developed. Jesus, who we serve, said to His disciples that he “came to serve, not be be served”. As Christians, our lives must imitate that attitude.

For our Middle Schoolers we provide:

  • Weekly opportunities to serve on a team in the Church (this is hugely important);
  • Regular opportunities to serve in the community;
  • Yearly opportunities to serve on a mission trip both stateside and internationally.


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