Paul & Jennifer Schaefer

Paul and Jennifer Schaefer (Wycliffe International)

Paul and Jennifer Schaefer serve with Wycliffe International as Bible translators for the Safaliba people (4% Christian) of Northern Ghana.

Paul and Jen began studying the Safaliba language in 1998. Since 2003, both have been working with Safaliba speakers to translate the scriptures into Safaliba. Praise God that as of October 2016 the entire New Testament has been drafted, and about 60% (all but 7 books) has gone through checking and revision and been published in booklet form. In addition, Genesis, half of Exodus and several other Old Testament portions have also been translated and published.

Paul and Jen have also developed a community-based adult literacy program in several of the villages so that Safaliba people can learn to read the translated scriptures. From 2014 to 2016 they worked with an educational consultant to develop child-oriented reading materials which are now being used in public schools in 4 Safaliba villages.

By the end of 2018, they hope to check, revise, and publish the remaining books of the New Testament in Safaliba. Pray that people in even the most remote Safaliba villages will understand God’s great love and respond to His desire for people to come to know Him.

Giving Agency

Schaefer Account #: 303484


Anniversary: June 19, 1993


  • Paul: 8/16
  • Jennifer: 6/4
  • Caleb: 4/28/98
  • Micah: 7/25/01
  • Josiah: 5/18/04
  • Sarah: 2/25/07

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