Relationships to God's Glory

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Relationships to God's Glory

Have you ever thought about this: language does not have its origin in mankind?  Before man was created, God spoke, and through those words “all things were created”. Then as the pinnacle of creation, God created the man we call Adam.

Adam began life as an adult male with the capacity to speak and completely able to understand God’s spoken word. Through their communication, God and Adam established a relationship, and Adam learned the desires of his Creator.  Note: from the beginning, we have been dependent upon God’s word to know how we should live in proper relationship with Him.

But you know the rest of the story ‒ Adam rejected God’s words and decided to act independently of his Creator. That act of rebellion had a terrible consequence: all of creation came crashing down, and to this day, “the whole creation groans and suffers” until the day of redemption.

Sin-stained relationships are now the norm. No one has to tell you that this includes how we dishonorably speak to one another.  All of us, at one time or another, have been on the “receiving end” of harsh and destructive spoken words.  Very likely you have also been on the “giving end”. But as Christians we have a choice, along with the power, to speak edifying words which create God honoring relationships. We desperately desire this, and mercifully, God’s word (once again) provides the path forward!

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