Missions at Bethel

Bethel Church has a history of vibrant mission's ministry throughout the world. Missionary support comprises a significant portion of Bethel Church's budget.

Currently, Bethel Church has 46+ mission entities on the monthly support list serving in 23 countries.

Bethel Church's mission ministry is administered by two missions committees as follows:

  • Domestic Outreach Committee oversees ministries with primary focus on the USA
  • International Outreach Committee oversees ministries with primary focus on other areas of the world

Currently, the Bethel Church session in conjunction with the two Mission Committees is involved in long-range planning for missions at Bethel Church.

7 Guiding Principles

  1. Because we have a high view of the Bible and its authority in all the ministries of Bethel, we will support ministries and missionaries who are in substantial agreement with our own doctrine and distinctives.
  2. Because we believe the Bible teaches that local churches are central to God’s purposes and have a central role in a mature and fruitful Christian life, we will support ministries and missionaries who are themselves active members in an evangelical local church and seek to encourage those who benefit from their ministry to be likewise committed to active participation in a local church. Where no such church exists, we support ministries and missionaries who have the planting of Bible-believing local churches as one of their primary ministry goals.
  3. Because we seek to disciple and equip our Bethel congregation for involvement in all areas of ministry, our missions committees will seek to serve the congregation: equipping, informing, inspiring, and enabling them to become personally involved in the ministries we support through all aspects of praying, giving, sending, and going. This principle changes the orientation and activities of the missions committees toward serving the mobilization needs of the congregation, rather than primarily acting on behalf of the congregation or on behalf of the individual interests of missionaries or committee members.
  4. Because we believe that our missions commitments are an extension of our own church ministry, we give priority to supporting people who have grown in ministry from among our own members. Second priority will be given to ministries or missionaries who have a reasonable and natural potential for developing a sustained relationship to and with our church congregation. We will give little or no priority to those ministries that have no prior connection to our church and similarly low potential for our church to have an ongoing personal involvement in their ministry.
  5. Because we seek to disciple and equip our Bethel congregation for involvement in all areas of ministry, we will give preference to supporting ministry partners which create opportunities for our own Bethel people to be directly involved in those ministries, e.g., choices for short term ministries should enhance ministry relationships and goals of those we already support. We recognize that there may be some exceptions to this principle in certain high-risk, high-security situations.
  6. Because we seek to be good stewards of finances and relationships in Bethel ministries, we will support fewer ministries at a higher level of support, rather than more ministries at a lower level of support. We want the congregation of Bethel to develop a depth of involvement, ownership, and investment.
  7. Because we seek to support missions that are good stewards of their finances, we require each missionary to provide us with regular and accurate financial statements of the ministry. It is preferable to also receive annual audits and outside reviews such as provided by the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability), though we acknowledge it may not be practical for smaller ministries.

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