Jesse & Tricia Marcos

Jesse and Tricia Marcos (Cru)

Jesse and Tricia Marcos are currently serving with Cru City Global in Austin, TX after fourteen years in Western Europe. The last ten of those fourteen years, they were pioneering a new work at the oldest University in the western world in Bologna, Italy. During that time, they saw the Lord use local churches in the US (like Bethel is doing in Budrio, Italy) to minister to local churches in Italy in order to move the kingdom forward.

In light of that, they will be serving the Body of Christ by connecting local churches and organizations to international churches and organizations. Making these connections helps to enable ordinary followers of Jesus to recognize their ability to make Him known in their sphere of influence. Along with that, they will continue to serve and help give leadership to Agape Italia.

Giving Agency

Marcos' Account #: 0242306


Anniversary: May 2, 1981


  • Jesse: 10/27
  • Tricia: 6/13
  • Adult Children: Jessica, Julia & Brett

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