Craig & Susanne Hoffman

Craig and Susanne Hoffman

Craig and Susanne are with Langham Partnership (https://us.langham.org) which helps the developing world church to not only survive, but to thrive - in places of poverty, pressure, and yet so much potential.  

Langham’s Scholar Program funds and nurtures developing world leaders to obtain doctoral theology degrees and multiply disciples on a national scale.  The Preaching Program trains grassroots preachers to preach faithfully to God’s word, relevantly to the culture, and clearly to the people.  The Literature Program develops and distributes Christian literature (like the African Bible Commentary) which provides biblical, indigenous perspectives on local issues such as corruption, sex-trafficking and persecution.

Craig is helping Langham to double its ministry impact over the next 5 years, and sustain that heightened impact into the future.  Craig is currently focused on Langham’s long-term strategic planning and leading a global resource-raising campaign.

Craig & Susanne Hoffman have been supported missionaries with Bethel for many decades, and currently reside in Colorado Springs, CO.  Previously, Craig and Susanne served for 20 years with Engineering Ministries International in various leadership roles.

Please also pray for their son, Ryan, who continues to struggle with severe cerebral palsy.  Susanne’s honest blog of a life of faith with Ryan has been an inspirational ministry: www.caringbridge.org/visit/ryanhoffman


Anniversary: November 8, 1997


  • Craig: 6/17
  • Susanne: 10/10
  • Hallie Ann: 10/20/02
  • Benjamin Robert: 8/27/04
  • Ryan Walsh: 12/10/09
  • Trent: 8/5/12

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