Kevin & Julie Calcote

Kevin & Julie Calcite (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

kevin julie calcoteKevin works in the Ethnomusicology and Arts Department at Wycliffe Bible Translators, Dallas campus. He helps with preservation of ethnicgroup print and audio documents that are part of the SIL collection. He leads scripture and music-use workshops. Kevin also leads a workshop, Arts for a Better Future, which gives the community tools to help them use their local arts to further God’s Kingdom.

Julie, who grew up in Bethel, is a physician in Wycliffe’s International Health Services Clinic,and she is certified in travel medicine. She cares for health and vaccine needs of missionaries and students who are in Dallas; whether assigned for passing to or from the  field.

Giving Agency

Calcote Account #: 285731


Anniversary: 12/4/1999


  • Kevin: 12/22
  • Julie: 9/19

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