Battle of the Mind

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Battle of the Mind

Last time we concluded by saying there is ongoing war for your mind (the heart of man). Part of that ongoing war is the cooperative mission to search-out and destroy ungodly thoughts the enemy has planted in your unguarded heart. These thoughts include corrupted thinking found in empty, worldly philosophies and “high-sounding” nonsense commonly found in the cultural fabric of American life (such as: marriage, divorce, parenting, sex, materialism, etc.). Broad is the pathway of your thought-life that leads to destruction, and it is greatly aided by deceitful cultural and media influences which appeal to the flesh.

In this ongoing battle of deceit, you need to be armed with powerful weapons to effectively respond. Yet we do use not worldly weapons, rather we use God’s mighty weaponry of Truth to tear down the strongholds established by man’s fallen reasoning. God’s provision in this war is through His Word ‒ the worldly strongholds of idols which have been rooted in your heart are destroyed only by the truth of the Gospel.

So, what is your responsibility? You can see that in this battle for your mind (your thought life), you must be diligent to challenge your thoughts against God’s higher standard. He wrote His Word to you so you could know His desires, allowing you to examine your thoughts, and then pass judgment. Scripture calls this exercising self-control. In short, we must take each thought captive, evaluate it against the truth of Scripture, and place everything under the authority of Christ.

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