Agape Development Ministries

Agape Development Ministries

agape developmentIn 2005, Kirk and Amanda Craig moved into Houston’s Third Ward to start Agape Development to transform that neighborhood by preparing Christ-following, independent, community-minded adults. 

Because crises don’t just happen from 9-to-5, but throughout the nights and weekends, their full-time program sta  are required to live in the neighborhood to respond to immediate needs. 

Agape believes that authentic community development must be grounded in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Consequently, they provide year-round spiritual programs for neighbors aged 5 to 25, and have even started a neighborhood church that serves their neighborhood. 

Through their programs, Agape also provides education and training opportunities for children through adults to help end the cycle of generational poverty in the Third Ward. 

Using this community-minded approach, Agape Development seeks to build a sense of ownership and desire to give back to the community in both its sta  and its neighbors. 


6401 Calhoun Rd

Houston, TX 77004

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Address: 825 Bering Drive, Houston, TX 77057 [map]
 Tel: 713.782.8948
 Email: info@bethelofhouston.com

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