Adult Discipleship at Bethel

The purpose of Adult Discipleship at Bethel Church is to make disciples of Jesus who glorify God in all of life; meaning developing women and men who love Jesus, love each other, and love the world TOGETHER. Our ultimate goal is to equip the saints that God has blessed us with to serve at home (Bethel), around the corner (Houston) and around the world.

Core Environments

There are many activities we could do as “the church” but our desire is to focus on a few core things that we do with excellence. Other ministries will flow out of the core as God raises up leaders with passion, gifting and calling to lead them.

Corporately we are intentional about making disciples through relationally- driven content-rich environments (i.e. we prefer the word “environments” to “programs”).

We have identified four core environments we are intentional about creating here at Bethel:

Corporate Worship

This is the time we gather together to celebrate God! We sing, share stories of how God is at work, and study God’s Word so that he might be glorified through the praises of his people, and we might be strengthened in our faith for living daily for the glory of God in all areas of life.


Community Groups

These groups are designed to be an environment where the Acts 2:42-47 lifestyle begins. Each group spends time in both studying God’s Word and in fellowship (celebrating their life in Christ together and praying for one another). Our hope is that in each of these groups there will be a growing sense of God at work, needs will be met, there will be a gladness and simplicity of heart and growth will be seen. We have various types of small groups that meet at Bethel and around Houston.

  • Community Groups meet mostly in homes throughout our community during the week.
  • Men’s Groups consist of small groups of 3-4 men and meet throughout the week at Bethel and at various locations around the city.
  • Women’s Groups meet at Bethel on Tuesday mornings/evenings and Thursday evenings.

Equipping Classes

We offer classes and seminars provide the opportunity to be equipped through God’s word to glorify God in all of life. We offer four Core Classes and electives. Some of the electives are through books of the bible while others are topical. The Equipping Ministry runs on the semester system, with classes beginning in January, May, and September of each year. The schedule is usually posted a month before the start of each session. Special seminars may be offered on a periodic basis.


Our four Core Classes align with our strategy on a rotating bases:

  1. CONNECT: Welcome to Bethel Life (Newcomers Class)
  2. GROW: Growing As a Disciple
  3. SERVE: Find Your Divine Design
  4. MULTIPLY: Making Disciples of Christ

Ministry Teams

Ministry teams are designed to serve. They may be ongoing teams or short term teams. They may serve in the church, in the community or across the world. In light of the biblical teaching on the gifting of the body of Christ and as we see Jesus sending out teams and Paul did his missionary work with a team, we believe ministry is most effective when accomplished through teams.


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 Email: info@bethelofhouston.com

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