A Blissful Marriage

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A Blissful Marriage

“You may now kiss your bride!” These six electrifying words are the beginning of what the bride and groom believe will be their journey to marital bliss. They have married the person they believe will make their life complete, full of joy, and happiness. They are set to become one another’s everything, but their expectation of marital bliss is getting ready to run up against the reality of the fallen world described in Genesis 3.

The truth is they have not merely married the one they consider to be their “soul mate”, but each has been united with a sinner. Each is a fallen person stained by sin, filled with idolatry and all sorts of evil. There is, however, good news: they can experience marital bliss through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They can love one another, live a life together in oneness, and enjoy marriage; but only if they do it according to God’s plan with Christ at the center of their marriage.

Marriage can only be in a blissful state when the husband and wife are loving God as has been commanded. Jesus said, “…love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength” (Mark 12:30). If the love for God does not take preeminence in the marriage, then love for one another will be harmed, which leads to all sorts of marital problems. The point is, marital problems reveal not only a lack of bliss, but also something much more profoundly serious: a worship problem. Our Creator made us in such a way that we will worship something; but we often forget the commandment to worship only God (1st commandment: “you shall have no other Gods before Me”). Where marital bliss is lacking, the root can be traced back to one or both spouses failing to worship God. In order to love your spouse, you must first love God. Let love for God rule your heart, and out of this will flow a blissful love for your spouse.

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