40 Things Sin Communicates

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40 Things Sin Communicates

  1. I am wiser than God.
  2. God is denying me something good.
  3. I want something created more than I want the Creator.
  4. I want to glorify myself.
  5. I have dethroned God and placed myself on the throne.
  6. It's all about me.
  7. Everything is for me, through me, and to me. To me by the glory.
  8. I am the god of my life.
  9. What I want is the most important thing right now.
  10. God is untrustworthy.
  11. God doesn't deserve honor and glory.
  12. I am the wisest being that exists.
  13. My situation/circumstance(s) are bigger than God.
  14. What God has said in His Word about my situation is not the best for me.
  15. The Gospel isn't true.
  16. God's law (Love God/Love Others) cannot be done.
  17. I am more important than my neighbor.
  18. I am the first and foremost.
  19. God has not given me the tools to live a life that glorifies Him.
  20. I must have everything I desire.
  21. I can enjoy life apart from God.
  22. I am enslaved to sin.
  23. I have not been freed from sin.
  24. I was created to glorify myself.
  25. Living a Christ-centered life before the world is not my priority.
  26. I can be careless with my words.
  27. God is not doing enough in my life right now.
  28. What I want to do is more important than what God would have me do.
  29. It's my life.
  30. I can do what I want when I want.
  31. People exist to please me.
  32. People exist to serve me.
  33. People exist to meet my needs.
  34. People exist to glorify me.
  35. I am the object of worship.
  36. My way is the best way.
  37. I determine what's best for me.
  38. I don't need God.
  39. I don't want God.
  40. God doesn't exist.

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